Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 10th of 12 Transfers ~ August 16, 2011

I"M TRAINING HERE IN THE DESERT!!!!! (Calexico) I'm not getting transferred, but I'm getting a FRESH new greenie ....right off the plane! Tomorrow we're going into San Diego for transfers nice and early. I'm nervous....I guess finishing up sister Croker's training ...trained me to be a trainer. :-)

Last week when we went into SD for the sisters m
eeting....the breeze felt SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! So nice and cool! not hot! I loved it! It was a nice lil brunch meeting and then we left...
This last Sunday I played violin in sacrament meeting! We got 3 investigators there!!! I played "O My Father" arranged by Steven Sharp Nelson and a member played piano for me. It was awesome! Actually my hands were SUPER shaky! AHHHH! So my vibrato was off the wall! ahhhh! Never fails! I don't know how to shake the nerves! Any suggestions anyone???? I dunno why all my life I STILL get nervous! But all of that was forgotten when a good good friend of mine, Minerva, who is going back out to the mission in October to ARGENTINA after having some medical issues came up to me after church and said thank you and that I had helped her realize and gain an answer that she for sure still needed to go! She was crying and really moved by the spirit! And THAT is what I've been praying and hoping for ever since I got my violin out here! That I would be able to touch someone else's heart with my music. It meant a lot and made my week!!

This morning
we went to the swap meet. It was SOOOOO HOT!!! Like humid humid because it was only 95 degrees! We were dripping with sweat! It was nasty! We (my district) all got matching sunglasses :-). My companion and I got "cat called" ew! hahah. Then we took a district picture at the border with our sunglasses ahha companion and I got "cat called" (whistled at) AGAIN!!! only from the other side of the fence in Mexicali!! lol. oy! but it was fun!
I think one thing that I'm just sooooooo grateful for is the gospel and growing up in it! I see people around me all day that are worried and feel lost and are frantic, or searching for truth...literally and ....and want to feel secure especially now in this economy and world. And I just feel this great calmness and assurance and testimony that I KNOW, when I do my part to live the gospel and keep the commandments and my covenants, that I have the Lord's promise to be ok! To be blessed! To be watched over and protected in this life. Thank you mom and Rod for raising me in the gospel and being such strong examples of love and faith. I can truly trust in the Lord.
Enjoy the tons of pics! Hermana Dunn