Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ok first rule of emailing me.. I only get 30 min on my pday only to email......that's read and write.. i now have 18 min left and it times me and cuts me off.. plus the service is really slow and keeps cutting out.. they also don't have a slot on the computers for the memory card and mom i dont have the usb cord that can plug into your camera........i need it please if you want to see pics.. so sorry no pics this week.. next rule! please use you need to set it up or need my name my mailbox # which is 182 and my Departure date which is Aug 23rd.. you can email me everyday and they print it out here for me and give it to me to read at dinner.. that way i dont have a million long emails to read only on pday in only 30min and then respond.. so please use that if you want to email lots.. well the first couple days were overwhellming.. i felt inadequite, not organized and felt like i knew nothing!!! which i still kinda do.. but i made it to sunday which people said from there on would get better and would fly from there! so here i am.. i'm in intermediate spanish and leave in 9 weeks on aug 23rd.. I feel like i have forgotten ALOT of spanish! oy's gonna be hard......but then i think of the people that are learning manderin, vietnamese, or laotian in 12 weeks and am greatful i have spanish.. haha.. it's super busy!!! wake up at 6:30 only i get up at 6 to take a shower which is nice cause it's like my only alone time.. theres 6 girls in our room and it smells like feet! hahaha it's sick and we can't open the window plus wer're on the top floor so it's super hot! but it's fun.. my companion is Hermana Papenfuss.. she's from fountain green UT and 24 and got her masters in agriculture......cherrry trees. she's super sweet and nice and i like her.. my district which is also my class mates are awesome! we are the only girls and theres 7 other elders.. my teacher Hermano Messer is AMAZING!!!!!!! i love him! he's awesome and totally makes the MTC for me! he went to chile on his mish and speaks amazing and teaches SO DANG WELL! i wanna be able to teach like him.. getting organized though is tough.. that's all you do though is study study study and class room is wehre you live and then you eat all the time which the food isn't that great or great for you and all we do is sit allllll day from 7am to 9pm.. when i first got here i was jsut like......what the heck am i doing! i can't teach! or speak! ahhhh! but i'm putting alllll my trust and prayers and faith in the lord and know that he will make these weak things become strong unto me.. Either12:27 is my new fav scrip! our branch pres is awesome and really nice and of course interviewed me about my MRI which sucked just cause i hate thinking they might keep me in the US if they want.. but i really don't think i will........i still feel like salta is where i'm going.. i have one scheduled for beginning of august! ahhh i have 6 min! oh i saw my friend Ryan! that was fun! he left yesterday for australia and i also see nicole alot.. oh and i saw RICHard G Scott! i walked right passed him and didn't know it till i finally realized who it was......he's short haha.. it was weird too cause i felt this strange reverance as i passed him.. we listened to elder oaks talk but i was in the overflow.. oh mom please send me 501 verbs in spanish to me! and brenna thank you for your package i loved it! oh and mom please send me more photos of CDA Fam and the back yard! love you all got 3 min before it kicks me off so love ya! use Dear elder!

hermana dunn!