Wednesday, July 14, 2010

week 3 at the MTC

Hello all!!!

One thing I wanted to share this week is, making time for the Lord. I've learned a lot more about when you make time for the Lord, go to church, say your prayers, serve others and strive to keep his commandments HE WILL BLESS YOU!!!! You make time for Him and He will make time for YOU!!! Remember that! I can promise you He will because I've seen it in my life!
In the Referral Center I talked to this man on the phone for 15 MINUTES and basically gave him the first half of the first lesson, all by myself!!!! It was AWESOME! He's strict Catholic which he kept saying, but was interested in the Mormon church....either for the heck of it or for more!? I couldn't tell, but I re-sent his order which he had never received and also a book of Mormon, because he wanted one. He was really nice and said that it was really nice talking to me too. He wanted me to call back in 2 weeks so I will, to see if he got the things and to talk too him more. My heart was pounding like crazy talking to him as it was basically the first time I taught most of the lesson to someone real and not role playing....and all by myself!!!! lol He didn't think the name Tawny was very feminine but loved my middle name when he asked for my name again hahaha.. So mom, I guess you slipped up on giving me a good name hahaha. Just kidding. I laughed when he said that.
ANOTHER AMAZING STORY!!!! Sundays, everyone is supposed to prepare a 3-5 min talk on a given subject IN SPANISH plus include your testimony of course. Then they randomly pick 2 speakers that morning in sacrament and a member of the branch presidency is the concluding speaker. GUESS who got called up! ME! hahah Yup the first Sunday we did that and the topic was on the restoration of the gospel. haha. I did pretty good even though my heart was in my throat. lol. .....In Spanish!! By the way my Spanish is coming slowly. I've forgotten a lot and yesterday we had an "English fast" where we could ONLY speak Spanish and it was HARD!!!!! It stunk because I am so slow at speaking and conjugating and putting it all together to make sense. So it''s been a little frustrating.
THEE BEST STORY NOW! Sunday night we had a fireside like always. My companion and I were a little slow getting there and the room was FULL!! We were just standing there trying to find open seats and about to go to the overflow when this elder walks up to us randomly and says , " I have two seats, do you want them? and we were like OK! He took us all the way up to the 4th row from the front, kind of on the side and next to the piano. As we were singing the opening hymn guess who walked through the door! ELDER DALLIN H OAKS! Member of the 12 apostles! We were literally sitting 3 rows behind him, 20 ft or so away!! His daughter, "Jenny Oaks Baker" was the speaker/performer that night!!!! IT was AMAZING!!! This girl started violin at age 4 and went to some crazy school in PA and Julliard too I think and performed with so many people and at Carnegie Hall! Look her up on the internet. She played about 7 songs? and spoke in between! THEY WERE AMAZING arrangements of, "Be Still My Soul", "I Need Thee Every Hour", "Amazing Grace", "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" , This is the Christ" and some other songs that were AMAZING!!! Her nephew played the piano and I could read her part and his from my seat because I was on the isle! She's world renowned or something or should be! It was beautiful and I was flipping out how amazing it was and how I was sitting SO DANG CLOSE! IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! I went up to her nephew Jared Oaks, after the fireside, introduced myself and asked if they had arranged those. He said no but that she had violin albums out with arrangements like it, that I could buy and a Christmas one too! So I want to get those and her CD's when I come home. The elder that seated us was really a blessing that day. We asked why and how he picked us?? He just said "you were the ones"! It blew my mind! That probably made my whole MTC right there just getting to hear her and her testimony. Plus sitting right next to Dallin H Oaks!
I only have 5 min left. Sorry I can't send pictures to you! AGGGHHH! I don't know why but these computers here won't allow me to! Sorry I'll just have to print them out and send them.
Love you all,