Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad!!!

SURPRISE!!!! I'm writing today and not tomorrow! I forgot that our mission president said he still wanted us to email today instead of on p day tomorrow cause he didn't want a million parents calling him worried where there missionary was and why they hadden't written hahaha. so tomorrow is our p day but only for this week and I'll tell you why!!!
We had MTE....(missionary training exchange) where we meet with our zone and President Donaldson (mish pres) trains us and teaches us more about the gospel and how we can better help others understand it. He teaches us new tools to use in teaching and ways to teach. Then we have a missionary who's been out for a while or whatever, come on exchanges with us in our companionship to observe and help us how to implement what we just learned into our teaching. Like today we learned that an effective way of teaching that we need to get really good at is teaching with stories. And who would of thunk that Jesus Christ is our perfect example of that! and President Monson too! hahah. OF COURSE stories work! we just simply forgot about it and/or don't use them that much. I've quickly found out though that i STINK at telling stories! there's a lot of things about teaching that i'm not good at, at all! but i try my best everyday to improve and just follow the spirit to help these people. It was awesome though!!! the things i learned and continue to learn from my mission pres is AMAZINGLY mind blowing and helps me understand the gospel so much more and only strengthens my testimony that this IS THE WAY! This is the way that heavenly father has provided. His way, His authority, His gospel, His will. Not our gospel our church but His. My appreciation and knowledge for the gospel grows each day! and I only hope to help people gain this same knowledge and appreciation...because it is well!

I have a challenge for you guys. if you want....of course. I would love to hear from you! and answer these questions.
1)What do you truly want in this life? to achieve or whatever!
2)If you could ask Heavenly Father ONE question of your heart, what would it be?
3)What means most to you?
That would be great if you could write me a letter :-)
OH my gosh!!! GUESS WHAT!!!! I will be hitting my 6 month mark on the 23rd of this month!!! in 2 days!!! ahhh! that means I'm 1/3 through my mission. That means I only have 1 year left! oy! I still feel like I know NOTHING, but have learned sooo much at the same time. I love the mish! and I hope I'm helping SOMEONE! I hope I'm helping you...even in the slightest way.
We have this ROCKING member who is an AMAZING missionary.! she's in her 60s and she just LOVES to share the gospel no matter WHAT people think of her because it brings her so much joy! Her name is Eva Salazar and her son is a rocking RM too! still doing the work too! Her nephew we just added last week. We went to the Mormon Batallion and he LOVED it! and we taught him last night for the first time last night and invited him to be baptized and he said YES and he said YES to 3 weeks too! AMAZING what the miracles can be when you follow the spirit. My comp and i were RIGHT on key because everything that i was wanting him to hear SHE said it! it just flowed and we all felt the spirit testify to us so strong and he is just SO ready to do this! WE also added more people and a family that is awesome! So things are working out better and we are just trying our best to put all our talents and selves out there on the line for the Lord and his children so that we can better help them.
Thursday will be our Christmas party where we get our presents and stuff and I'm singing in a trio the first noel. and then Christmas eve and day we have several eating appointments with members. so I'm gonna look like Santa pretty much hahaha. jk.
well love you all! hope to hear from you soon.

love hermana dunn