Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year Letter

Well sorry people! Last week all the libraries were closed so I didn't get to email, obviously.

Christmas was awesome and so was New Years! Talking to my family was nice! For dinner we went to a members house and got STUFFED with turkey and potatoes and also, the Mexican traditional dinner on Christmas Eve, TAMALES!!! I love tamales! I was SUPER stuffed though! Holy cow! Then Christmas day we went to a members house and ate ham and tamales and all that jazz.

Thank you everyone for the gifts and pics and Christmas cards!!!! I loved them all! Especially the pics! One of the members in our area gave my companion and I, wood carved nativities! It's one figurine with Mary Joseph and Jesus of course. They are gorgeous! It was sooooo sweet! Love that family! Not this week but hopefully next I'll send more pics for everyone to see some of the families we see and investigators we have. :-)
Speaking of investigators!!!! We are going to have a BAPTISM on the 9th.....Next Sunday! His name is Alvino and he is the nephew of one of the ladies in our ward. He lives in Mexicali with his family, but is up here looking for a job and is just SOOO ready for the gospel!!!! He's AWESOME! He actually reads and was reading about everything we believe in on and is so ready! One time we "taught" him and it was perfect because we didn't really teach him, the spirit did! He even had a question and just opened the Book of Mormon right then and was like, " oh look here in Alma 32:28 this is the answer to the question i just had!" ha! He had his Aunt read it and she started crying in the middle of it because she knew that Heavenly Father knows him so well and is already starting to answer his prayers. .....we didn't do anything. It was perfect! That was the ideal situation. To teach the doctrine, simply being the mouthpiece for the Lord....and teaching what they need to hear! You do that by listening to the spirit. That is hard at times because you don't always know their need for sure....but in this case it was all the spirit and Alvino....not us. Actually we weren't really doing that great a job teaching ....haha. Luckily Heavenly Father made up for our faults.
Oh, I had Birria again! You know...the cow head soup......but this time it was actually really good! and we ate the meat part....not fat! Who'd a thunk that I would ever love that! haha. It was way good actually! and....the Second Counselor Hermano Betancourt, fed us some Honduran Baleadas! I LOVE THOSE!!!! It is eggs and spicy sausage with beans and this yummy hot sauce that he makes and yummy cottage cheese and it's basically like a taco....but with soft tortillas. He says you can't NOT run into them in Honduras....they're everywhere! Brenna and you remember those?!
I would like to thank everyone for the love and support and prayers and letters and everything that you have done for me! It means a ton! As we were writing in our journals on New Years eve (we had to be in before dark) I sat there and realized how much I've changed in one year! It was incredible. The gospel really does give you a whole new, better, happier, outlook on life and really does help you progress and grow in your life. That's how it was designed by Heavenly Father. He does everything he does and lets everything that happens, happen ....for our good, for our experience, for us to grow and to see how he truly blesses our lives and watches out for us and He knows our full potential. By following that plan of happiness, the gospel, we can reach that full potential! That is, to become like our Heavenly Father and be perfected in him through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Look it up in the Book of Mormon! Moroni 10:32. He never gives us anything that we can't handle! So if you feel your faced with REALLY tough situations, decisions or temptations..... Just remember that you are a Child of God and have power through the gospel, to overcome that challenge. Look it up in the New Testament, 1 Corinthians 10:13...!!!!

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!!!
Love you!
Hermana Dunn