Monday, March 15, 2010

Mission Blog!

So this is now going to be the blog that you come to, for updates on my mission. I recently submitted my mission papers on Tuesday March 9th and 4 days later on Friday my bishop checked the status of my application online and it said, "Call Letter Sent". ONLY 4 DAYS!!! SUPER SUPER fast! It normally takes 2 weeks to get to people. But mine should be coming any day now. So I'll be writing on my blog till I leave for my mission. Then, my amazing cousin Michelle, will be updating it for me! Letters, pictures whatever. So you can all read about my mission. I'll be having my mom forward her all the letters and pictures i wanna share. So thank you Michelle! When I get my Call Letter in the mail I will be recording it and posting it on here as my first ....thing haha. So enjoy! Spread the news about this blog to those that want to hear about how the mission is going!