Monday, March 22, 2010

Mission Call Opening

When I asked Tawny how she was feeling this was the face I got! haha This was before she'd even opened her call! We were all gathering and getting ready counting down the time!

The Phones! Brenna & Brent, Darcy, Dad, Emily and Leah all waiting anxiously on speaker phone! And Mom and Rod on Skype witnessing the whole thing! gotta love Skype :)

Reading....(amazing how long it seems to take to read that first sentence! haha)

Screaming!!! YAY!!! ARGENTINA SALTA MISSION!!!!!!!!

Tawny's Roommate made her a world cookie! She got to eat the little piece of the world where she was going! That's her in the purple dress with the name tag! haha

Here she is in Argentina! Hermana Dunn!

Mmmmmm! Argentina!

Tawny's friend Aaron Peet gave her a little gift :) He was gifted this tie when he got his mission call and it ended up being his favorite tie on his mission. After she opened her call he gifted it to Tawny! Soooo cute! He even wrote a little message on the back of it for her :)

Tawny and her mission call obviously happy with where she's being sent to serve!

There it is the Argentina Salta Mission!!!

This First video is of Tawny un-stashing her call!

Where in the world will tawny be going on her mission?

The Video everyone has waited for! The actual opening and reading of her call!!! Sorry Landon cries throughout the rest of it haha everyone cheering scared him but the important part is there!