Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello everyone from the Sunny San Diego California Mission!
This past week has been awesome! We really stepped it up and opened our mouths more and talked with a LOT of people! It was awesome! and because of our efforts to be more efficient in the work of the Lord, we were blessed! We added 5 new investigators!!!! YAY!!!! Well actually 6 but one was only here for the week and just went back to TJ. but what an amazing blessing! We have been needing new investigators so bad and we just boomed! Of course every mission and every area in the mission is different for finding and teaching but for us....6 new was a lot!!! We have a pretty white area so it's hard to find. So needless to say... I love being a missionary. I love this calling and everything that i learn each day, especially about leadership.
Something I learned in my studies today was from the book "Jesus the Christ" by James E Talmage....I think? is that when Christ taught the greatest commandment to his 12 apostles at the last supper to love one another as He loved them..... He was not only teaching them to love the Lord with all their heart might mind and strength but to love our neighbors. And with this love that they had they would let the world know that they were set apart to this calling as leaders because of that love. And that's just it! One of the keys to leadership, that we can see even in Christ's life, is that a leader should have and infinite love for those he serves. A leader should serve out of love for the people, and not out of love for himself or to get gain.
So I loved that.
Please keep my comp. sister Bickley in your prayers. Her knee problems have been kinda coming back and the next step basically, if it doesn't get better, is surgery which would end her mission. She's been having a real rough time with this especially yesterday at the Dr. and I know exactly how she feels! It was giving me MTC flashbacks.....but yea....she has what's called Patella Femoral Chondromalacia... or that her knee caps slid off to the side because her cartilage is softened or something. Basically a young persons arthritis but not necessarily at the same time meaning that she'll get that. So yeah.... Please keep her in your prayers so that she can heal and finish her 6-7 months left! Love you!
Love Hermana Dunn