Monday, April 11, 2011

I got Kissed!!!

By the sun......and by an investigator! Did I make you gasp when you read the email heading? lol yes I sorta got kissed by the sun that we've been getting. It has been nice and warm lately! It even got into the low 80s the other day, so it's been really nice. Then when we watched General Conference and saw that the trees outside the conference center had a fresh coat of snow, it sort of shocked me haha. I forget that it's winter everywhere else because it's so warm down here. And yes I got kissed.....on the cheek. Don't worry, by one of our investigators. Jose Luis Lopez! He's in about his 60's, so not too harmful. lol But it was a shock for sure because you just don't do that as a missionary! But it's normal in the Hispanic culture to do the "handshake, hug, kiss on the cheek greeting". He then tried to repeat it to my companion, but she just held her hand out and was like "no we can't do that" and he looked soooo sad and like he felt bad because he didn't know. I felt so bad....but better that he knows now. lol
A day in the life of the missionary!