Monday, April 11, 2011

Thanks to momma I GOT MY VIOLIN THE OTHER DAY!!!! I got it in the biggest box ever! It was pretty funny. But Sister Donaldson, my mission president's wife, asked me to play violin in the next fireside coming up this Sunday!!! I'm going to be playing with the choir "I am a child of God" in Spanish as this one will be a Spanish fireside. I'm definitely nervous because I haven't played in a LONG time so I've been practicing it....there's some harder parts in it that go into 3rd position, or the high part of the violin, which I'm nervous for and might just rewrite to a lower part. But it will still sound good. I'm still nervous though. My nerves always get the best of me and my hands get shaky and I can't do vibrato very well because it just goes crazy and isn't controlled. So any advice to kick the nerves? anyone? For next time I play. Man I'm shaken just thinking about it. haha. So pathetic! The part that gets me is that I've performed my WHOLE LIFE and I STILL get nervous and shaky! oy! I'm just going to pray a lot, do all I can and then the Lord will take the rest, so I can share my talent with those that need it at this fireside. But any other tips would be good too!!
Well we've had a good time! We've gotten a few new people which is exciting. The hard part is seeing anyone because NO ONE IS HOME! Everyone is soooo packed with working and other things all the time....which is understandable of life and the economy right now. But it's got to be hard when you pack your life so much that you hardly have time for family or just yourself. I've grown to love people so much more on the mission. I've been in this area of Otay Mesa (Chula Vista) for 7 almost 8 months now and I love love love the ward! I love the people and I love the people we meet teach and everyday. The thing that I've grown to notice and love a lot more is the fact that, here in the Church of Jesus Christ, His Church, we are all living the Same gospel and have the same purpose to work and in. No matter where you go throughout the world the gospel is the same! It is God's. It is universal.... It is the INFINITE atonement of Jesus Christ that we all teach throughout the whole world no matter what race, culture or background you come from. Here on the mission I especially love seeing, so many different people with different backgrounds and stories, but who are united in Love and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have the same "perfect brightness of Hope" (1Nephi 31:21ish) that we can live with our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ again, with our families.
I love how in General Conference last Sunday, Elder Jeffery R. Holland, one of the 12 Apostles, said that "this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It's not a huge fast food outlet!! You can't ALWAYS 'have it your way'!" which is my point. This isn't the gospel of fit the preferences, pleasures, opinions or likes of men! It is not to fit what can be comfortable to men, but that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the plan of our Heavenly Father which is tailored to help us, transform us into happier children of God, so that we can stand worthy in His sight once again. If God is the same yesterday today and forever, like it says in the scriptures, then His gospel is too. It is the same yesterday today and forever and can promise you that His Gospel has been restored to it's FULLNESS, (meaning, without lacking certain parts) today to bring us the saving ordinances of the gospel so that we can enter back into the presence of the Lord and become like him. So that when we live worthily and endure to the end, applying HIS Gospel in our lives, we will prove ourselves worthy to be rewarded with a FULLNESS of JOY.
Your Heavenly Father loves you. No matter who you are or what you do, He always has and always will love you with a perfect, infinite (meaning NO END) love. He knows you...really KNOWS you....and has tailored the gospel perfectly to help you become your true self, to reach your full potential of becoming worthy to enter into his rest. He loves the whole world. But it's only through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice that we can do that. It is up to you, to choose what to do with the time that has been given to you (yes that is on Lord of the Rings but is SO true and awesome!). It is up to you to accept or reject the fullness of the gospel, because if any part of the gospel was missing then it wouldn't work. God would cease to be god, to be perfect and all knowing. That's in the scriptures somewhere.....I think around 2 Nephi or Alma? I don't remember.
I love the Lord and my Heavenly Father. I love their gospel. I love being a missionary. And I would like to invite all of you to Know for yourself, from God, to know that these things are true. If you have a sincere desire in your heart and you REALLY intend to do what God would want you to do and you ASK Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, if these things are true, He will reveal into your heart, mind, feelings and thoughts by the power of the Holy Ghost, that what we know to be true, is true! Will you pray to know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to it's fullness? If and when you do I can promise you that the Lord will bless your life, and help you with your struggles, and help you come to accept and receive the gospel.
Hermana Dunn
P.S. Please keep my companion Sister Bickley in your prayers, her Knees could send her home if they don't get better.
PSS. Transfers are on the 13th and I will find out the 12th if I get my area changed....who knows what will come.

I got Kissed!!!

By the sun......and by an investigator! Did I make you gasp when you read the email heading? lol yes I sorta got kissed by the sun that we've been getting. It has been nice and warm lately! It even got into the low 80s the other day, so it's been really nice. Then when we watched General Conference and saw that the trees outside the conference center had a fresh coat of snow, it sort of shocked me haha. I forget that it's winter everywhere else because it's so warm down here. And yes I got kissed.....on the cheek. Don't worry, by one of our investigators. Jose Luis Lopez! He's in about his 60's, so not too harmful. lol But it was a shock for sure because you just don't do that as a missionary! But it's normal in the Hispanic culture to do the "handshake, hug, kiss on the cheek greeting". He then tried to repeat it to my companion, but she just held her hand out and was like "no we can't do that" and he looked soooo sad and like he felt bad because he didn't know. I felt so bad....but better that he knows now. lol
A day in the life of the missionary!