Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!

It's sooooooo DANG HOT!!! It's so hot here in San Tee. It hit 101 one day then 102 and today is supposed to be 103. I am really excited for today though cause we are going to the temple!!! yay!!! First time in my favorite temple! Marco's the member that got his mission call last week is going through for the first time today and we are going with him so it'll be cool to do that.
Other than that I can't believe I would still have been in the MTC since yesterday! I feel like I've been here sooooo long and have learned so much. My trainer Hermana Pineda really is awesome! She's a great trainer. I've been so discouraged at times though because I feel like I am the WORST teacher in the world! I CANNOT understand people for the life of me when we talk in Spanish. Everyone is so different with their slang and dialect it's frustrating because I really want to help these people but I can't communicate very well or understand. Missionary work is hard just so ya know.... It's not just teaching lessons or preaching. It's finding out peoples needs and truly trying to help them through accepting and applying the gospel in their lives and it's hard. We're talking to our friends, our brothers and sisters and it's hard to help them understand the doctrines and principles of the gospel and truly help them apply them in their lives and see HOW MUCH it really helps them have happier lives. Your blessed more when we do what Heavenly Father has asked and set for us to do. It's sad when people don't even want to try or shut the door in our face or more frustrating, say and make an appointment that they want but then don't show up! It's so hard. I feel super stupid, as several times I have just taught "lessons" and not people. Several times I have TOTALLY butchered the lesson and the language that I just wanna quit right there. But I know that with trial and error and with these challenging times, I will only learn and grow from them and get better at relating the gospel to people and truly help them strengthen their testimony in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and His gospel. His plan for us. I can't decide what was worse, the other night at a guys house I didn' t understand ANYTHING he was saying and therefor couldn't help him and his need. Or last night when I just drug out the lesson for AN HOUR!!!! and the teenager said to her mom that she was BORED! I'm so embarrassed! I just can't seem to keep it short, simple, sweet and powerful and relate it to people. I can't shut up! It's really hard to try and put yourself in their shoes and try to think of the best way I can help them understand. But there have been other times where I've totally rocked!!!! My trainer was proud of us in these awesome lessons and how we related it to them. It really is just following the spirit, because he knows the people and what they need. When we listen to him we know what to say and how to truly help people and know what they need. Honestly I don't know what the normal missionary experience is for training so I've been beating myself up a lot...but my comps have said several times how impressed they are with my Spanish and how I've been just jumping in and going for it.... I guess lots of trainers just make the greenie watch, but not mine! I've learned a lot. Members of the ward have even commented on my Spanish but it's just honestly understanding people, that I can't do! ITS SPANISH! ha ha The easiest in the world...but I just have to keep trying. Heavenly Father must have a lot of faith in me for sending me two weeks early because I feel totally inadequate at times. But I just try and remember what my comps have said.

Here's a random story though ha ha. My companion has never seen The Princess Bride. And everyone knows that movie! I know I've seen it only a thousand times! ha ha So one night my comp and I ...mostly my comp...told her the ENTIRE movie/story scene by scene and practically line by line ha ha! It was hilarious and amazing how much sister Thomas has that movie memorized. But it was like watching the movie over again ha ha It was our bed time story...don't worry it wasn't during missionary time or anything, but I just thought it was funny. Now she want's to watch it when she gets home. Hopefully we did it justice ha ha.
I love you all and challenge everyone to study the scriptures and Preach My Gospel ...or just anything gospel for 1 hour everyday!!! I do it every morning as you know and it really does make a difference in my day for the better! It starts my day out great! I love it and hope you all try to take this challenge. I notice a real difference in my day if I don't....(Sundays we don' t have time to do it). And even though this week has kinda stunk for me, don't think that I'm quitting or don't like this. I LOVE being a missionary! I love the feeling and power of the calling that I have, to help others and to serve them. To gain a stronger testimony. To feel the Lords hand in my life, even stronger as I'm working side by side with him to help anyone and everyone. I love it.
I love you all! send me letters as they are better to read personally than emails because I can't print out the emails or pics from the email .
Hermana Tawny Dunn!