Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 3 in the Mission Field!

I had another baptism this last sunday on the 29th! It was a MIRACLE that it happened. Alexis is 14 and her parents are members but inactive and when she was 8 yrs old she was going to get baptized, but then her parents said no the day of the baptism. She's been going through a ton of missionaries ever since and she just kept backing out or her parents would. Well we did everything we could! On Saturday she got her baptism interview and we were all excited for her to make this huge decision and act on her faith to follow Jesus Christ. We had everything lined out for the baptism and who was speaking and everything. THEN! Sunday morning at 7:30 she gave us a call and said she didn't want to get baptized anymore. We were way bummed and just kept explaining to her how important it was and how much Heavenly father is waiting for her and how much it will bless her and help her in her life. so we said many prayers for her because she and her family are going through rough times. So we tried calling her back to ask her again but she screened our calls so we went over there and knocked on the door and could hear them inside but they didn't come, so we left them a note on the door and basically just said.... Well she's obviously not ready to be baptized, we did everything we could to help her, and she received her answer and confirmation that it was true and the right thing to do, but she's just not ready. We were all very sad because she was SO READY, or though it seemed. So, discouraged as we were the rest of the morning, we all still had a faith in her that one day she would be ready. We were sad yes, but we kept faith. For me personally I felt for the first time ever how sad it is when someone who has tasted a little of the gospel and it's blessings, just rejects it totally. I felt sad for heavenly father and honestly felt how he must feel when people reject him. But I still had faith in her. That's the lesson I learned that day! Faith can move mountains as it says in the scriptures and do miracles. Faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement can do miracles. And it did! She called us back right before church and said, I've thought about what you said and I'm getting baptized and I'm going to church right now! YAY!!!!!!!!!! We were so surprised and were excited and happy and it was just a CRAZY rollercoaster day! haha We were a little nervous that she might back out again but she went through with it! She and all us sister missionaries sang the "Lord is my light" for the special musical number and she started crying it was so sweet. It's a miracle. When we have people in our lives that might make wrong choices or whatever....we need to always be there for them. We need to keep faith in them because the MINUTE you have doubt and lose faith.... Man that could've been a great miracle that just passed you by. We need to keep faith in each other and help lift each other up. When you do, you will bless theirs and your lives greatly and strengthen both your faith and theirs. Be that light in the dark for someone....be the light set on a hill and let your light shine (in matthew somewhere and also the Book of mormon i forget the reference.) My second baptism! I've seriously witnessed some amazing things just for being here 3 weeks.
Well I'm super tired all the time haha. Some days it's so bad I drag my legs to keep pushin forward. But I love it. Days in the mission field are always a surprise. One minute it could be the best day ever and the next it could really stink. So it's always interesting to see what will happen. It's been nice and cool lately. lol It's so funny how I'm always in these extreme weather situations it seems like. My body thermometer is out of wack I swear haha in Rexburg I think 30 degrees is nice and warm and here in Santee I think that 90 degrees is nice and cool haha. All I do is sweat all the time but I'm already used to it. Everyone is always sweating. Did I mention last time that it got to 105 degrees the other day? My Spanish is still coming slow. I'm frustrated lots of the time cause I can't understand people and get the whole picture of what they're needs or concerns are. But I'm workin on it.
We went on exchanges the other day and I stayed her with my trainer Hna. Pineda and we got Sister Clifford to come with us the whole day to observe our teaching and give us some advice. She is one of the top two sister missionaries in this mission and she was amazing! She gave me some amazing insight.
The temple was AMAZING!!! so gorgeous....even though there was still some scaffolding on the sides for cleaning it so the windows were all covered up but it was still gorgeous. It was so nice just to go there and not worry about anything. Well that's all I can think of right now haha I forgot my notebook with everything that I was gonna mention in this letter....I forget ALOT of stuff cause there's just too many things to remember. but I love you all and hope you are doing well.
Happy birthday early to brenna michelle and carrie!!! love you guys!
hermana dunn!