Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tawny's two companions in San Diego enjoying a New York Giant Pizza, Hermana Thomas from Kansas City & Herman Pineda who was born in the US of Nicaraguan parents and is a native spanish speaker.
Tawny was present for the "Mission Call Opening" for Marcos, who got called to California Fresno Mission. Next in the lineup are Hermanas's Thomas, Pineda and Marcos sister, Paloma.
On the left is Miguel Soto, who Tawny helped to teach from the tuesday she arrived to Sunday when he was baptized by Marcos, the second from the left. Third is Hermana's Pineda, Thomas and Dunn. Tawny also sang "I believe in Christ" for the baptism special number in spanish!
Tawny's MTC teachers from left to right Hermano's Hidalgo, Dallon (a sub for when the others weren't there) and Messer

Tawny's mission progression...first call...Second call!!!

Holding a baby python at a members house!!!! these things can get up to 8ft long!
THE BEST PICTURE EVER!!! Not sure if this was set up by tawny or not but we're asking! :)