Friday, November 12, 2010

Nov 9th 2010

I can't believe it's p-day all over again! It's going by sooo fast! Yup it's hot! It's been like in the high 80s/90s for us down here next to the mexican border! Feels nice! My watch tan line is getting a lil more defined haha. That's not very cool at all though haha. Just kidding. Well some exciting news! For me and for all!....Last night we were eating at a members house and she asked us if we felt the tremor last thursday! I was like...."what?!!??" Apparently there was an earthquake 5.1 on the scale over outside of El Centro, out in the desert about 2 or 2 1/2 hours east of here. And she said that she felt some of it ....but I definitely didn't feel anything! I've never been in an earthquake but heck I might have felt a tiny tremor and not known it. haha.
So my spanish is getting better I've noticed but is FAR FROM perfect! But it's amazing to me how I've been getting way more insight/revelation through my spanish scripture and preach my gospel study! It's so crazy!!!! Because I'm still learning the language and I've been understanding gospel stuff way more and way better! It's so cool! It makes me just want to only study in spanish....but I like to study in english so I can understand everything better. Just a fun lil note!
Oh I forgot to mention that for Halloween we all had to come in before dark and just chill/work in the apartment. Just as a safety precaution for all the weirdos runnin' around on halloween night. It was fun though! Me and the roomies all made a huge breakfast to eat for dinner! It was so good! and pumpkin and peach pie! hahah. And we played uno. This of course after we were done working and planning and all..don't worry we still worked haha.
Hey can somebody send me some pretty pics of CDA lake and downtown and just of CDA. por favor?! no one believes me when I say it's gorgeous unless they've been there haha. Also some pics of winter time up there too? some people haven't even seen snow! oh and mom could you maybe print out the latest family portrait as a wallet size photo for me? por favor? gracias!
oh and we went and visited the Ruthefords the other day again and I asked him how he got the Ruebens and the Picasso pic. Turns out he REALLY DID meet Picasso! He was going to art school in Nice, France and he met 4 of Picassos apprentices and so they rode over on their bikes one day to his studio and he met Picasso and he gave him this drawing!!!! HOW CRAZY COOL IS THAT!!!!
So the work is going kinda slow here actually. We're having a hard time finding people to teach. and we both are terrible at contacting in the street. I never know how to start or what to say and it just becomes awkward. I feel a little embarrassed but we're trying to just take courage and go talk to them! When we do it's totally worth it.....or totally not hahaha. You either get shot down or they end up talking and it's awesome meeting new people! But does anyone have any advice for me for contacting? It would be much appreciated. Brenna just sent me some music in english and Spanish and I got the idea one day when we were praying for weekly planning that we (the missionaries in my district) should put on a little missionary musical/ fireside thing. We all are good singers and I thought it would be fun to have us all sing different songs / play piano / violin and have little spiritual thoughts in between and invite our investigators and members to bring friends. So everyone likes the idea now I just gotta put some stuff together. We don't know yet for sure when it will be, but I'll keep ya posted. We always do have firesides for the whole mission once a month some in Spanish some in English....but i thought it would be nice to have a small lil private one.
This week is gonna be great! Tomorrow we have Zone Conference again!!! Woo hoo! President Donaldson is AMAZING!!! He knows all! haha he is omniscient! haha so that will be awesome! from 8AM to 4pm!!!! then on Friday I'm going on exchanges with sister Voyles...meaning she will be with me all day while my companion is with another sister in her area. Sister Voyles is an amazing missionary and she's one of the ones that was filmed in the Preach My Gospel DVD's. She was called to that of course and she really gets missionary work and I'm way lucky to have been reassigned here to this mission to work with these people and this mission president! I'm gonna take tons of notes from her. Hey! All of you people go out and buy the Preach My Gospel DVD's and watch them! They are awesome!
Shout out to Brett Calkins!!!! someone please ask him....if your not reading this Brett,.....where he is going on his mission and if he's gone to the tempel yet? all i heard was the Netherlands but I'm excited to find out where exactly!!! Woo hoo! Congrats!
Well I love you all! Hope all of you are taking my invites to read the scriptures and Preach my gospel everyday! The restored gospel really is everything. The worth of every soul is great in the sight of god! That's why we're out here teaching the restored gospel. Teaching to peoples needs and teaching by the spirit. Bwcause that's how it's done!
love you!
Hermana Dunn