Monday, November 8, 2010

Oct 19th Letter

hey I'm goin to the zoo today! haha if it doesn't rain on us which it looks like it! it's been chilly and cloudy and rainy lately and i still haven't gotten a chance to go shopping for some cute cardigan sweaters, but will next week....for now i borrow my roommates.
So lately it's been goin great! we're getting more brave at going up to people and just start's still hard though at times. man if you really wanna know what missionary life is like then read alma chapter 26....its sooo good. But one thing that i've noticed with our investigators is that lots of them aren't ready to get baptized cause they want to learn more and more and put it off. Which is understandable....i would too, but as the first presidancy has told us missionaries exactly what to teach, and teach it to them, they are then ready. it's just a matter of them feeling it and exercising their faith and read the BOM pray and attend church so that they can show heavenly father that they are willing to follow him and wanting answers. We teach them though ALL that anyone needs to know before baptism. Do you think 8 year olds know everything about the gospel when they are baptized...nope! do you think you know everything about the gospel even right now! nope! all of us are ALWAYS learning and growing stronger in knowledge and faith in the gospel throughout our whole lives. THEE most important thing you do need to know though is the basic principles of the gospel. They being; 1st faith in the lord jesus christ 2nd repentance 3rd baptism 4th the gift of the holy ghost 5th enduring to the end by living worthy of steps 1-4....and repeating with step 5. There is a promise from the lord and from prophets and leaders fo the church that when you use these basic principles of the doctrine and grown in more understanding of them you will not fall! Our investigators i have noticed are scared of falling after they get baptized....they agree to baptism, but are scared of this. We all are scared of this i think at some point in our lives or often. i have been scared of this in my life too! But if we do what the lord has taught us and commanded us, and focus on the good then we will not fall! Now life is hard and we are only human...there will be times where we will need to go through trials to learn...but that's why the gospel is there to pick you back up and bring you into the light again. nobody is perfect, we all have trials, but it's the promise of the lord that if we hold on and endure to the end and do the best we can, then we will have eternal life. basically this talk right here that i've pasted says it all and i LOVE it ! this is the prophet's daughter Ann Dibb. and she gave this amazing talk in october 2009 conference. PLEASE READ IT as it's part of my letter ...and enjoy! it rocks. i love you all and hope you have a great day!
oh ps. brenna or emily....could you guys please look adn see if you can find a good christmas duet piece for vocal and piano of What Child is This or some other good songs . we're gonna have a christmas talent show and i might wanna sing with someone. thanks. love you!
Love, Hermana Dunn