Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July 19, 2011

I'm dying out here in Calexico!
IT'S SOOOO FREAKIN HOTTT!!!! Ya know.....growing up in the northwest I never r
eally knew that temperatures could reach up to 120-124 degrees. Neither did I have any clue that anyone would actually want to LIVE in that kind of heat....or EVEN COULD!!!!! I thought people would melt/die in this weather! I didn't know they could sustain life out here!!! haha.
I'm sweating everywhere! Luckily it's not really humid! otherwise I would really die! But still....your skin is SCALDING hot when you walk outside. Luckily everyone here has AC! But I gu
ess another bright side...or more hopefull side is that now I'll just sweat off all the weight that I've gained from all the FOOD and tortillas that gets put in front of me! ah! I'm so fat! But......that's the mission here next to the border. OH!!! I live like 12 blocks away from the Mexican border of Mexicali, MX. So everyone ....even the stores ....speak Spanish here! It's Mexico. El Centro is 20 min north of us and Brawley is 45 min north of us and then I've heard of the sand dunes.....that are an hour or so away! Hopefully we'll go there for one of these p-days.

Training! ...... Here's the funny story. The day we got the calls for transfers me and my comp were crushed we were BOTH leaving .....but then later that night at 10pm....I got a voicemail from the AP's (mish pres. assistants) and they said, "hey this is and so, there was a mistake on the transfers list and Sister DUNN....You need to come to the trainers meeting at 9AM tomorrow!" I freaked out when I heard that and everyone else laughed/was excited. I wasn't! I was freaking out. I DON"T KNOW ANYTHING!!! Why would they want ME to train!!!! AHHHH! So then I basically knew I was going out to the desert because we had all our options layed out. oy vey!
During the transfer meeting I was in shock cause I just couldn't believe I would actually train. But I'm with Sister Croker! from Bellingham, WA ....2 hours north of Seattle right next to the other border way up there. Sister Thomas and Gines were her trainers last transfer... and with this new pilot program that they are testing out here (as always) for the whole is now two transfers long....12 weeks with the new 8 fundamentals and Preach my gospel training. She also has been struggling with Spanish a lot! and hardly speaks I'm teaching and talking ALOT! It's really hard. I've never felt so weak. Plus the area out here is REALLY SLOW!!!! We hardly have anyone! and need to find like crazy which is also another weak point of mine big time! ah! I don't know how to do anything!! Hopefully president Clayton will give me some more guidance since we have interviews this Friday, but it's fun! I love sister Croker! and the war out here is awesome! Even though lots of people are gone for vacation and from the heat too. July and August get up to 130 sometimes!!! and they grow a lot of hay and watermelon and cantaloupe out here, so farm land! I feel like its a worse version (heat wise) of Rexburg.....and way more desert! I'm training and not knowing what to do where to go or how to help my comp improve on Spanish or how to find more people to teach. Poor sister Croker haha. I'm praying hard though. ....and oddly calm about this all.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and please PLEASE pray that we will find those golden investigators out there and get help from the ward! It was entertaining to drive from San Diego ( I miss it sooooo much!) to Calexico and watching the temperature climb. lol.

OHHHHH!!!! Now that I'm out in the desert and who knows how long I might be out here...maybe the rest of my mish.....we don't get mail very often at all. O
nly when someone needs to go to San don't send any food!! and don't expect me to respond too soon. ELDER BALLARD IS COMING TO TALK WITH US ON JULY 30!!!!!! We get to go then! and meet him!!!

WE also have an investigator that is super sweet. She's really shy and loves to write letters! She communicates better through letters I guess so we are teaching her through letters AND visits as well. Pretty cool huh!
well love you all!
Stay nice and cool for me and go jump in the lake for me!
Hermana Dunn