Wednesday, August 3, 2011

welcome to mormon myth busters volume 1...."can one cook an egg on the sidewalk?" ~ July 26, 2011

YES! one CAN fry an egg outside on the sidewalk! haha....actually the parking lot. Yes the Valley IS hot enough to do so. We decided one day during weekly planning (which normally takes 3 or more hours) to take a 5 min break, outside and see if an egg would cook! haha. It took about an hour and a half to do so but it did it! Don't worry we were planning while waiting for it!

Oy! I'm hot. I'm sweating all the time. apparently in august it's more humid cause they flood the fields??? I dunno but it's only 100-105 today and it feels much hotter. yick. It was nice a cool the other day at 97! It felt nice But I'm still hot haha. Plus this time is apparently the worst time of year to find ANYONE at home let alone any investigators. Everyone's escaping the heat, on vacation, or just escaping the heat and locking themselves inside not answering. Luckily this mission isn't big on tracting (knocking doors) ....but we've been kinda desperate lately. Still trying to work hard with the members, and that's always a slower process than knocking doors, but way WAY more effective.
We also had an unexpected visitor the other day.....a HUGE COCKROACH from hell! hahahaha! So as I was going for a little late night snack after planning... I opened my cupboard and got some snacks....and then noticed these two HUGE antennae on my cup of I screamed! and sister Croker came and was like....ahhh! that's way too big for me to we went downstairs to get the elders to come kill it. They looked and looked and couldn't find it, so I said LOOK HARDER!! it's there!! and then they were like "oh! there it is!" So we heard some bangin around and they came out with it trapped in a was like 2 and a half to 3 inches long WITH WINGS! ah!!!! They flung it out of the cup and smashed it on the wall. I got a picture of the dead version of the cockroach. I named him petey! (I don't know just the first thing that came to mind.) He stuck on the wall for 2 days and then someone cleaned him off. haha.
Well the work is going pretty slow...but we will be going to see Elder Ballard, sister Clayton's dad, this Saturday! woohoo! Road trip to San Diego!!! Hopefully the work will pick up after that cause he will be talking to the bishops and ward mission leaders of all of hopefully it'll help us out in the Imperial Valley.
Well love you! Please go swimming or take a cool shower for me and I'll pray for you all! haha.. I already do but yeah!
Love you!
Hermana Dunn