Wednesday, August 4, 2010

week 6 at the MTC

Well! last week was dramatic with my MRI. News is that there is no change in it and that my call is now in the hands of the prophet and apostles and Drs in SLC right now and they will have the final say in if I stay in Salta or not. the Dr. here that's a tough cookie was saying that he would at least root for Buenos Aires if I changed and still stayed in Argentina cause there's a British hospital there....but I honestly don't know when or how I'm gonna hear back from SLC. Oy vey! Well it's been extremely hard to think that i might not be going to Salta anymore but throughout the week I have been blessed by my amazing teachers and leaders here! they have given amazing lessons that seemed to be just for me and what I needed to here. I've been trying to just be patient and accept the will of the Lord. it's been hard since my heart is set on Salta but then this lesson that hermano Messer gave was amazing! He compared Matt 25 the parable of the 10 virgins to the premortal life and how we were given talents to come here to earth and use and magnify and gain more to help others hear His gospel. He thought that in the pre-mortal life we made promises to people that we would come and find them in this life and teach them the gospel and boy that made me think, "wow I really do need to just accept wherever I go with an open heart and a smile cause I made promises to people and the Lord only knows where they are and that somewhere might not be in Salta. So I'll wait to hear from SLC" Again I still would love love love to stay in Salta but I have NO CLUE at this point. But I've been learning my lesson. I love my teachers. They are sooooooo awesome!!!!! And that conference talk I told you about in the last email...."but if not..." did anyone read it?! It's amazing and that helped me a lot too! Just know everyone...that the Lord gives us trials in our life to test us and our faith in him. He gives them to us to make us stronger to learn and grow. Is that not the whole point for this life on earth? To learn and grow, gain experience and see how well we endure it? When we endure it well, meaning don't complain but be happy and still try and enjoy life, then Heavenly Father will bless us even more and help us through our trials by giving us peace, being with us and giving us patience. Look up D&C 121:7-9 it's a comforting scripture. Just press forward with faith in Christ and ask yourself, "what is Heavenly Father trying to teach me right now?" and then work hard to be obedient and he will Greatly bless your life. D&C 130:20-22? Just do your very best. That's all He asks of us. Well I went to the RC as we do every week and we had to make TWO calls in Spanish!!! Our comp was aloud to listen in and hermano Hidalgo listened in and helped us with what they said so that we could talk to them. GUESS WHAT! my VERY first call IN SPANISH the girl wanted to meet with the MISSIONARIES!!!! I bore my testimony to her in Spanish about eternal families and she totally agreed to the missionaries coming over! I have to give credit to my comp and teacher cause they helped me with what she said but that was my very first person I sent the missionaries too! She almost sounded Mormon already ha ha I wasn't sure if she was or not but obviously not! That was awesome! ha ha I was beaming that day! Well I don't have too much else to say except thank you Brenna for the letters and I NEED your WY address right now so I can send you the one I have for you to Cheyenne.
I love you all and have no idea when I will hear from SLC or if I'll get to call you or not but hopefully soon! Love you all!
Hermana Tawny Dunn