Tuesday, June 14, 2011

April 25th Letter

TOMORROW!!!!! Yup tomorrow is the day that we go to the Carlsbad Mission to see L. Tom Perry. I'm super excited! Oh ....I'm giving the closing prayer too! I just remembered that ....guess I'll practice my prayers in English today haha.

So This week has been a little crazy, but last night topped it off. My comp and I went to see an investigator, Ana and we had a AMAZING LESSON!!!!!!!! It was totally the spirit teaching and directing what to say and ask. It was just so awesome we all almost started to cry. My heart was full afterwords. I just love these people so much! Especially when the spirit works through us to be able to help them come to know Christ and His Gospel and the truthfulness of it. She agreed to prepare herself to be baptized on mothers day May 8th. Which by the way will be the day that I call home again! Feels like yesterday that i just talked to the fam, but it's here again!

Anyways with Ana we were reviewing the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we hadn't had personal study that morning as church starts at 9AM. So I was feeling unprepared but said a prayer that Heavenly Father would help me remember scriptures, or know what to say and what to ask. Then during the time when we were talking about her family and how this would bless her and her family I remembered two scriptures that I just happened to read in sacrament yesterday! They were PERFECT! Mosiah 2:22&41.. look them up. It's Heavenly Father's promise to his children that when we obey the commandments we are blessed in all things temporally and spiritually and that this promise never falters but is the same forever.... but we must do our part to act and exercise faith.

Random little tidbit! My roommate, sister Adam's, .....her great grandfather is Bruce R. McConkie! Pretty sweet huh. Now I want to read the Mormon Doctrine books that he wrote when I get home even more!

Well other than that we are just trying to find more people as always. That's the hard part. It sure is easier when members find know and/or find those that are truly searching for it. People will talk to us sure....but sometimes they just aren't interested! Story of my life, but there are those that really are and really do things to know it for themselves! That's where We come in! To help people know for themselves that the gospel is true, then showing them how to act on that knowledge. Knowledge without using it or doing anything is never going to benefit us at all. You've got to apply it!! Then that knowledge will turn into something even greater, which is wisdom!

My TEN MONTH MARK was on Saturday the 23rd. OY! Time is flyin and I only have 8 months of this amazing time left... scary!

Well I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Love ,
Hermana Dunn