Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May 17th Letter

HELLO!!! HOLA! Buenos Dias! Que tal? What up?! haha
I've got exciting news! My recent convert Albino.... you remember how it started with him and then we baptized his daughter Ana, and then His wife Susana got baptized in Mexicali.... We were teaching his son Tony whenever he was here in SD.... but he would go to Mexicali a lot. Well, HE GOT BAPTIZED down there 2 weeks ago!!! on mothers day! and he got confirmed this last Sunday!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! The whole family is following! Albino is super happy and now there's just one more son that hasn't gotten baptized. Some day. :-) It was so exciting to hear that he got baptized though.

We are actually going to be having a small Mission President's fireside again this month but in Calexico. My apartment and 4 other sisters and two cars full of elders will be going there to sing and do the special musical numbers. I will be playing my violin again on the same song. So hopefully I won't mess up again haha. But it'll be a two, two and a half hour drive out to the desert. I heard it's HOT HOT HOT out there! Like 95 degrees at night! It gets up to about 120 normally in the summer... Which sounds like what I was going to be dealing with if I had gone to Salta, Argentina. It should be fun! We're just going for the night and driving back right after the fireside. I will also be singing in a small group of sisters for one of the songs, plus the choral pieces. So that will be fun this weekend!

Transfers are on the 25th next week so we'll see what changes are made. I have to give the lesson in gospel principles this coming Sunday and then if I'm still here on the 29th I'll speak in sacrament on missionary work.
We got an awesome new investigator....actually a couple! that are really interested in learning more, so that's sweet! It's nice to actually talk to people that are happy to see you and want to see you and don't avoid you, run away or hide. One of the investigators might be a lil too happy to see us!! LOL ...so they might just go to the elders instead. We'll see though.
Lately a couple people have told me that I've lost weight which is GREAT! But I dunno I think it just might be my bangs that I just cut that makes my face look different, cause they do. I definitely don't really feel like I've lost weight haha. But hey! I'll take that compliment!
We had some exciting things happen at our apartment! One is that we found a kitten and her mom on our back porch and she is SOOOO CUTE!!!! But they are strays so it breaks my heart... We don't feed them but they just chill on the back porch sometimes. The other one is that the sister's bikes got STOLEN from the front porch the other day!!!!! AY!!!! They had forgotten to lock their bikes at night and when we opened the window we realized they were gone! ay! Sister Adams was using sister Kratzer's bike too and had just dropped $80 to repair it the day before!!!! So we went back to the bike shop and she bought the exact same bike and everything since sister Kratzer will be coming back soon to get it. Bummer!!
That's pretty much the news down here at the border! Hope all is well with work, health and school!
Hermana Dunn