Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May 24th Letter

I just turned 11 months old in the mission yesterday! I can't believe I'll be out almost a year soon! oh yeah and I'm goning to be turning 22 in a week! oy! That's weird. I feel...old. No offense to anyone else at all haha.

Transfers are tomorrow! Still haven't gotten the call yet...hopefully soon. I think I'm staying here though. I have to give a talk on missionary work in Sacrament next week so I bet it's sealed the fact that I'll be staying....but ya never know!

We just recently got 3 investigators with a baptismal date in the past few days! Mercedes for June 19th and Fernando and Rodolfo for the 12th of June! We're super excited for them because they are all just so ready, want it too! You can tell they want to follow Christ. Mercedes, especially for her kids. She want's them to have a good example and just good lives. Fernando really want's to turn his life around and want's it so bad and is reading and praying and attending church for ALL 3 HOURS!!! Rodolfo's mom we found out does NOT understand or speak Spanish! She's from Oaxaca, Mexico and speaks a native dialect! We were asking if Rodolfo was home and what her name was and she just stared at us....at first we were like... What?? ...but then it clicked "WHOA! she doesn't speak Spanish!!! crazy!!!" We don't normally run into that down here! Normally people are from the states north of Oaxaca....Sinaloa, Sonora, Jalisco, Michoacan, Baja California...etc. So it was way cool that we just found someone from a more Indian blood background. Rodolfo said that he doesn't really speak the dialect anymore and that they can basically communicate with her...but her husband speaks Spanish and the dialect. I'll have to ask him what the dialect is called though.... When we heard that she was from Oaxaca I thought of my cousin Brian! So Brian.....did ya run into a lot of different dialects? did you learn any?....

This last week we had Zone Conference which was awesome! We also had a fireside out in the desert!!! In El Centro! It took two - two and a half hours on 94 to get there. It's this old 2 lane highway that winds through the countryside right along the border! It was pretty....I felt like I was in Utah or Montana haha.....OK so it was sort of pretty. lol. I sang in a group and played the violin again for I am a child of God.... And I did GOOD! I didn't mess up! Except the ending was thrown off and everyone messed up....but it was still good! It wasn't too hot either...only 85...but the winds were SURE STRONG on the way back home! Then we just took the 8 back home. So that was fun to take a lil road trip out to the country/desert. The stars were GORGEOUS on the drive home.....been a long time since I could see them like that!
So far we STILL haven't gotten transfer calls....So I'm probably staying. love you! Have a great week!
Hermana Dunn


Stephanie said...

I just started learning Spanish this past year--finally XD I love it. Hopefully one day I'll be fluent...we'll see XD