Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayer + Faith + all energy of heart + work = MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Miracles really do happen according to the faith of man! Do you remember how last week I told you that Fernando was NOT getting baptized because of legal complications and confusions? Well......HE GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY AND CONFIRMED ON SUNDAY!!!!!!! Boy it was an emotional couple days, up and down and up and down like my second baptism with Alexis Segura. Our faith was tested, but because we decided to just trust in the Lord and do all we possibly could to do our job and work, and putting Fernando's name along with some other investigators names in the temple. Fernando was able to get baptized! It was a miracle of faith. He was just soooooo ready and excited to be able to get baptized! He loves it and was BEAMING at his baptism and on Sunday! He loves the gospel so much that he's sharing his experience with everyone!
Another exciting thing that happened was that we had a fireside in City Heights last Sunday as well and guess who worked their guts up to play a violin solo? I actually did it! I know incredible huh! nerves still got the best of me for the most part. I hate that! I've performed all my life and I STILL shake like crazy.....I played Stephen Sharp Nelson's arrangement of "O My Father" and sister Nelson played piano for me. My hands were shaking so bad that my vibrato was intensified......but I tried my best to control it. Other than that I did pretty good!!!! Everyone loved it. so yeah!
We also had MTE (Missionary Training exchanges) yesterday and today, so our p-day is actually tomorrow but we still got to email today so that all the missionaries families wouldn't freak out. Man I can't tell you just how amazingly blessed my life could possibly be to have President Donaldson as my mission president. Sadly he's leaving at the end of this month....but he has been called to teach ALL the new mission Presidents the doctrine at the MTC !!!! And boy was this MTE loaded with DOCTRINE!!!! I love learning the DOCTRINE!!!!! or the "why" of the gospel! It's SO AMAZING to see what Heavenly Father's plan really is for us and how it works and we got the "disc of knowledge" too!!!!! FINALLY the POWER in my hands hahaha!!! I'll is a cd with 14,000 pages of notes on the doctrine and scriptures that president Donaldson continues to add onto! He writes for the church too. I am eternally blessed to have this precious AWESOME gift of knowledge of the gospel to be able to study for the rest of my life and learn Hebrew!!!! I'm so excited to study it when I get home!
Humberto is an investigator that we've recently started teaching that I found months ago......He's really interesting! He was raised Catholic but has searched all his life in different religions. He doesn't believe there is one true one.....he takes the good from each...but right now loves Buddhism. So he doesn't believe that Christ is His Savior.....we just got done teaching him and watched finding faith in Christ. We are starting with the basic basics! but he's willing! That is the key! and I can feel so much of God's love for him and have faith that he will come to know the truth someday soon!
Love you all.......GOOD LUCK to all the iron man competitors! Roland, Marci and Carolyn! I'll be their in spirit cheering you on!!!
Love you